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ControlManager: Dynamically updated access to the structure, properties and geometry of your project.



I really like this way of managing my project work. Thank you. ~ Neil Evans, France


Celestial overview...

Card controls...
Easy-View Access
ControlManager from The Flexible Learning Company is a Community Compatible, cross-platform palette designed to provide easy-view access to your project's structure, properties and layout. As a fontscript solution, it keeps up with your actions in the IDE and updates itself as you work. The download includes an IDE palette that starts working the moment you choose an editing tool. Automatically. No fuss. For everyone with any LiveCode licence including the free version.

Informative and Intuitive access...
ControlManager is first and foremost easy to use with just three tab displays. As a cross-platform frontscript solution it is designed to support the IDE, presenting structure, properties and geometry as an easy-to-use overview.

Control Browser is a quickly navigable structural hierarchy with shuffle options and control-specific icon identification from deeply nested groups up to a Celestial Overview of all available stacks, subStacks and cards.

Property Editor gives you a flexible insight to preview, compare, discover and edit any property for any control, group, card, subStack or stack in one easy-to-see list, either alphabetically or listed by type, including access to basic or multi-dimensional CustomProperties. And a one-click apply for any visual effect from dropShadows to colorOverlays with built-in drag controls for fillGradient and strokeGradient.

Geometry Editor contains point-and-click features for 3-way re-sizing, 4-way nudging, 9-way alignment, 6-way distribution and 5-way layering with 7 image manipulation options. Using LiveCode's fontscript layer the palette keeps up with you automatically, refreshing as you change between objects, cards and stacks.

Useful features...
These are all built in for you:
  • Layout Grid to help you refine your pixel-perfect displays
  • Direct lookup to LiveCode's dictionary resource when you need more information
  • Collapsable Lists with a Card Navigator just to make life easier
  • A pre-formatted 'Copy List' of all chosen properties and values
  • Stack Protection options (LC Commercial only)
  • Quick access to object behavior scripts
  • Multi-dimensional array Cutom Properties
  • Property guidance tips
Multiple object changes...
ControlManager quickly applies property updates to as many objects as you have selected. And it is bi-directional so you can use the palette to select and modify even hidden or off-screen objects easily.

Visual indicators...
The Control Browser displays visibility with green, red and amber bullets to quickly identify visible, invisible or off-sreen compents. The Properties Browser shows control-style specific icons to visually differentiate between label, list and standard fields; default, popup and combo-box buttons; line, polygon and rectangle graphics; scrollbar, scale and progress scrollbars.

IDE Integrated...
The palette works with the IDE, updating itself as you create, edit, move, re-layer, delete and change between objects, groups, cards, substacks and stacks.
Properties... Geometry options...
and a Layout Grid...


ControlManager is an appropriate solution if you want to...
  • visualise your Project structure
  • investigate all the available Properties
  • apply Geometry and Image options in one place
  • learn how LiveCode applies appearance, behavior and effects


  • LiveCode Compatibility: Both Community and Commercial editions are supported.
  • License: Single User, personal and commercial use.
  • Terms and Condtions: You should review the terms and conditions before you purchase.
  • Requirements: LiveCode version 5.5.4 or later, any edition.
  • Standard Price: 29 / $49* / €36*



Single User licence
for unrestricted Personal & Commercial use

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ControlManager for LiveCode is Copyright © 2014 The Flexible Learning Company. All rights reserved.