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img Separating data from display with

FieldFormatter: The solution to automatically formatting field data like Excel and FMPro.


Brilliant! Why has this not been available before? ~ Neil Evans, France


Separating data from display
FieldFormatter is a fully-featured cross-platform frontscript library solution designed to extend existing field property options for automatic field display, separate from the underlying user data.

Point and Click
It comes with a point and click IDE palette that applies properties to your fields so your data is formatted to display as you specify, including...

• number format • separators • conversion rates • currency options • arbitrary time and date formats • time duration • percentages • privatised display • default text
• cell style • Number-only

28 New properties
FieldFormatter adds 28 new properties to the existing field property options in LiveCode. You use the new properties in exactly the same way. As an example...
set the DefaultText of fld 1 to "Find..." will show this text in gray if the field is empty. No further scripting is needed. That's it. Job done.

Easy access documentation includes tips, explanations and examples of each property. From a simple number format to arbitrary negative currency displays, FieldFormatter does all the heavy-lifting for you.


IDE integrated
It comes with a palette of options that works with LiveCode's design & development environment. Simply set up the properties as required using point and click, fields automatically update. You can even specify your own default settings for new fields. When editing, FieldFormatter looks after your field displays for you...
with intuitive scripting syntax...
set the asPercentage of fld 1 to true
set the asPrivate of fld 1 to true
set the ValueChars of fld 1 to "$"
set the NumericFormat of fld 1 to "0.00"
set the ShowThousands of fld 1 to true
set the DecimalSeparator of fld 1 to ","
set the CellStyle of fld 1 to true
set the ConversionRate of fld 1 to 0.62


Visual feedback
Invalid contents are shown with a dotted red line for visual feedback in the case of data entry issues.


FieldFormatter is an appropriate solution if you want to...
  • present raw data as user-friendly information
  • ensure presentation consistency
  • allow number-only data entry
  • apply pre-set calculation results
  • show Custom date and time
  • support Language Localised month and day names
  • display decimal place precision
  • provide alternative decimal and thousands separators
  • convert to percentages
  • handle scientific notation
  • provide accountancy notation
  • show duration in hours, minutes and seconds
  • implement privatised text for security
  • display default text for empty fields
  • show currencies or any units of measure
  • automatically handle value conversions
  • present negative format & color
  • interpret SQL Julian dates
  • support pre-1970 dates

Please note that FieldFormatter does not support array-based datagrids or multi-line fields.


  • LiveCode Compatibility: Both Community and Commercial editions are supported.
  • License: Single User, personal and commercial use.
  • Terms and Condtions: You should review the terms and conditions before you purchase.
  • Requirements: LiveCode version 3.5 or later, any edition. Version 5.5+ recommended.
  • Standard Price: 49 / $79* / €59*



Single User licence
for unrestricted Personal & Commercial use

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