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"Damned if I wasn't impressed with the nearly unbelievable range of features they've built into it. There's hardly a thing you could ask for in a script repository that isn't in the latest version. And best of all the UI makes good use of progressive disclosure so that while there is an amazing breadth of features they're not all in your face at once. Well done."

Richard Gaskin, www.fourthworld.com

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The personal reference library for ALL programmers
Unrestricted 30 day FREE trial, for personal use on   Mac OS X   Windows 95, 98, NT, XP   Windows VISTA
An integrated reference and source code, script and HTML repository for all web designers and programmers. A flexible personal reference library resource that grows with you!

All the features you would expect for acquisition, association, organization, display and access, from casual user to constant companion. CLICK for Screenshots...

As a programmer who works in multiple languages, I have never seen or used a better tool than Scripter's Scrapbook to coordinate code, wisdom, insight, advice and documentation. It's become a key part of my programming toolbox.        Dan Shafer, author

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  • Cross-platform for Windows and Mac OS X
  • New Tree View and Full Page Display
  • Fully featured cross-platform API with IAC
  • Drag and Drop archive restore
  • Unlimited Languages & Categories
  • Create Source Code colorization schemes
  • Custom Toolbar for shortcut access
  • Add Links to email, files and web resources
  • Add your own Search Engine look-ups
  • Store embedded File Attachments
  • Write PlugIns for extended flexibility
  • Add Popup Memos for annotations
  • Include Bookmarks for access
  • Display formatted text, tab ruler and styles
  • Use custom or embedded image library
  • Internal 'Hot Links' between Entries
  • External 'Hot Links' to Web Resources
  • 4-way navigation with History
  • Choose a theme to match your screen
  • Quick-start Home screen for tasks
  • Integrated Online Updates
  • Integrated Feedback and Support
  • XML, CSV export and HTML web publishing

  • "The Convenience of the Desktop with
    the Resources of the Web"

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