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'The personal reference library for all programmers'

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Scripter's Scrapbook Rocks! I have used a number of code organizers in the past, but they usually are specific to a particular language or environment. Scripter's Scrapbook allows you to manage code across any number of languages you specify, in addition to other "scrapbook"-like information you need to keep handy (web links, articles, etc.) and since you can embed files within Scripter's Scrapbook, you can easily manage external libraries, plugins, etc. and move them seamlessly from one place to another since everything's encapsulated in a single file. Additionally there is a new publish/subscribe section that lets you make your code snippets public for others to retrieve into their copy of Scripter's Scrapbook (and vice-versa). All in all, an awesome product!
Ken Ray,

Damned if I wasn't impressed with the nearly unbelievable range of features they've built into it. There's hardly a thing you could ask for in a script repository that isn't in the latest version. And best of all the UI makes good use of progressive disclosure so that while there is an amazing breadth of features they're not all in your face at once. Well done.
Richard Gaskin,

As a programmer who works in multiple languages, I have never seen or used a better tool than Scripter's Scrapbook to coordinate code, wisdom, insight, advice and documentation. It's become a key part of my programming toolbox.
Dan Shafer,

This is one of those utilities that deserves a permanent place among your development tools. The fact that it is so universal makes it all the more useful.
Scott Rossi, Creative Director, Tactile Media, Development & Design

The Scripter's Scrapbook has a long history as an indispensable tool for keeping track of all the tidbits of code you accumulate over the years. The latest edition is jam-packed with features, and useful to scripters and programmers of almost every type on every platform.
Geoff Canyon,

The Scripter's Scrapbook allows me to easily store and access my code snippets. Even better is the ability to access professional scripts from others as well!
Chipp Walters,

I am a professional programmer in several languages. I am also a lazy person, so I like to make code as accessible and re-usable as possible. Scripter's Scrapbook is the only thing keeping me sane.
Andre Alves Garzia, BRAZIL,

My compliments on a 'slick as a whistle' upgrade procedure and superb supporting documentation. More upgrades should follow your example and we users would have a lot easier life.
Ralph R. Forehand,

At it's simplest you have a drag and drop note pad, but using it's potential you can build your own integrated information system.
Hugh Senior, The Flexible Learning Company

THE SCRIPTER'S SCRAPBOOK, the personal reference library for all programmers