UTILITY DictionaryBuilder for LiveCode
- A utility to create word lists based on text files.
- DictionaryBuilder.rev is based on straight LiveCode functionality. Speed will depend on your processor.


To implement the DictionaryBuilder stack
Place the stack anywhere convenient on your hard drive.

To use DictionaryBuilder
Simply use the two popup menus to identify what sort of list you wish to create.

1. Words from a single TEXT file
2. Words from two TEXT files
   - with combined words from the two files
   - with mutually exclusive words from the two files

Use the button(s) to identify your source TEXT files

Click "Save as..." to build your new word list.

You now have a custom list you can use with spellCheck.rev

If you do modify the program for your own use, please advise me so I can maintain and support the utility appropriately.

No responsibility or liability whatsoever of any kind under any circumstances is assumed or accepted. It is provided entirely on an AS IS basis and you use it entirely at your own risk.
This is Goodwillware so you can use it in personal and non-profit making situations only. You may pass the utility on to others or make it available to others but you must include this accompanying documentation in its entirety. You may not sell it, use it for profit or include it in any for-profit programs without the express permission of the author.

©June, 1999
Hugh Senior
The Flexible Learning Company
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