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ChartMaker 3.0 LiveCode Commercial




To remind you of the features and benefits...

  • Intuitively create flexible chart graphics
  • Use 'Point and Click' or fully scripted options
  • Copy charts to the clipboard
  • Save charts to an image file
  • Print your work as a pixel-perfect pdf file
  • Integrate charts in layouts
  • Specify plot dimensions and chart position to fit your design
  • Display bi-color gradient fill backgrounds
  • Choose plain 2D or fancy tonal graphics
  • Specify max/min range
  • Quickly make display and data changes
  • Apply calculated values
  • Specify constants
  • Draw charts using formulae
  • Animate dynamic data
  • Apply visual effects
  • Selectively display specific data sub-sets ('data binding')
  • Differentiate between zero and null values
  • Flip (or transpose) charts for the alternative view
  • List and update existing charts
  • Store chart definitions in a compact archive
  • Recover old chart data and settings
  • Access the website from within the program


Single User licence
Price for Personal & Commercial use: 49 *
UPGRADE from 2.1
This discounted price is only available to existing registered users of v2.1. If you are not a registered user or if you have an earlier version, you will not receive an upgrade key and your payment may be lost.
Single User licence
Upgrade price for Personal & Commercial use: 29 *
REQUIRED: My existing key is
* See terms for full details. Please note that we can only issue a licence to an individual's name and email address - corporate and shared licences are not available. We can only send the registration keys to the email address you provide when you order. When you receive your keys, enter the details when you next see the 'Reminder' in the program.

If you do not receive your keys within 24 hours, please contact us









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