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ChartMaker 3.0  




Current release: Version 3.0 build 67

ChartMaker is a LiveCode™ library for Desktop and iOS software development. Note that ChartMaker is a professional product and is not supported by the free Community Edition of LiveCode.

Version 3.0 is an upgrade. You will need new keys if you are using an earlier version.

To register or upgrade:

  1. Download the current release. There is a 30-day free trial for new users.
  2. Click the 'Register...' or 'Upgrade...' button when displayed in the software, or click Purchase now. The choice is yours...

CMbox DOWNLOAD the current release.

quoteI've been using the evaluation version and am really impressed! Well done you guys - you make my work look great! I've just ordered my upgrade - looking forward to it."
~ Roger Kingston, UK
3.0 build 67 ~ Free Maintenance Release Current
Version: 3.0
Build: 67
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
ChartMaker now requires LiveCode 5.5 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.
CMsave2File now saves as PNG, GIF, JPG (or uncompressed bmp, pbm and paint as PPM), based on the filename suffix supplied.


3.0 build 66 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'web info-graphics'
Version: 3.0
Build: 66
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
ChartMaker now requires LiveCode 5.5 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.
Scatter charts
X-axis adjusted to display to nearest 5 when the number of categories < 50


3.0 build 65 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'PDF output'
Version: 3.0
Build: 65
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
ChartMaker now requires LiveCode 5.5 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.
Line charts did not reset "formatForPrinting" to false. Fixed.
Incorrect multiple series labelling. Fixed
XFormat incorrectly displayed on CMupdateChart. Fixed
Utility: Category Display: Wizard: Popup Tip... Now closes as expected


3.0 build 64 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'smart charts'
Version: 3.0
Build: 64
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
ChartMaker now requires LiveCode 5.5 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.

This is a free maintenance release that fixes issues inadvertantly introduced in Build 63...
Changes, implemented in Build 63, were miscompiled and resulted in a runtime error. Fixed.
Pie chart: Legend now displays values as expected
x-axis labels above the chart are now located as expected
Utility: Icon glow no longer displays a spurious opaque square


3.0 build 63 ~ Free Maintenance Release For LC6.7 and LC7
Version: 3.0
Build: 63
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
ChartMaker now requires LiveCode 5.5 or later. Earlier versions are not supported.

This is a free maintenance release that addresses the following issues...
General LC6.7 and LC7 compatibility
Photos and images (png, gif or jpeg) can now be used as backgrounds in line, scatter, bar and column charts, either embedded or by reference. See GridImagePath, GridImageEmbed and GridImageBlend in the documentation.
Line and Scatter chart x-axis labels can now be placed either above or below the chart. See XLabelPosition in the documentation.
Title display fixed for LC7 (was truncating the field)
Utility: Now correctly names chart windows when a duplicate stack file name exists.
Scatter charts: Decimal Precision is now applied as expected to data labels. See DP in the documentation.
Legend display fixed for LC7 (only displayed aim lines are now listed)
Rotated text improved for LC7 (now set to 6x size before resizing instead of 4x)
Utility: Due to engine performance in LC6.7 and LC7, animation when expanding sections has been suppressed.
Decimal Precision now applies to axis labels as well as data labels. See DP in the documentation.
ChartSize minimum plot size was 100x100. It is now 50x50. Defaults remain as 300x300 for Mobile, and 600x400 for Desktop.
ChartSize maximum plot was was automatically limited to the monitor. This limitation has been removed.
Engine fixes affecting ChartMaker
Issues in LC6.6 have been addressed in LC6.7 and LC7. The previous latest compatible version was LC6.5.1
Missing data items now handled correctly (split by column omited empty lines)
PDF printing (failed with zero byte files)
Utility: Combobox issues (empty label recognition)
Utility: Popup menus (failed to update)


3.0 build 62 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'simples'
Version: 3.0
Build: 62
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
This is a free maintenance release that addresses the following issues...
Trend and Aim lines now display correctly when XGridAlign is false.
Utility: Spurious data pasting when mousewheel is used fixed for LC5.5+
Utility: Cell alignment fixed for LC5.5+
Utility: Column adjuster fixed for LC5.5+


3.0 build 61 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'iOS compatible'
Version: 3.0
Build: 61
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
This is a free maintenance release that addresses the following issues...
Non-numeric data items should be evaluated as null values. This was broken in Build 60 and is now restored.
Documentation access is removed when ChartMaker is embedded as a substack.


3.0 build 60 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'smart charts'
Version: 3.0
Build: 60
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
This is a free maintenance release that addresses the following display issues...
Legend labels are no longer truncated
A named new window no longer ends in a spurious space
Multiple negative leading zeroes (e.g. -0001) are now correctly evaluated
Rotated text now prints at hi-res
Non-contiguous marker points are now supported


3.0 build 59 ~ Free Maintenance Release 'pro charts easily'
Version: 3.0
Build: 59
Release type: Maintenance

What's New in this build?
This is a free maintenance release that fixes the following display issues...
Zero height bars and columns no long display a drop shadow.
Trend and aim lines are now correctly adjusted when XgridAlign is false.
Constants are now applied with normalized values (i.e. when Yorigin is specified).
Null value charts no longer throw an error when the legend is drawn.


3.0 build 58 ~ Upgrade 'optimized data display'
Version: 3.0
Build: 58
Release type: Upgrade

What's New in this build?
All improvements issued as free maintenance release updates from build 47 to 57 are included in this upgrade. Additionally included...
New and Improved
Optimized scaling
This release enables display optimization by accentuating small differences in data values for Line, Scatter, Bar and Column charts using normalization. We can either specify a start value on the y axis or specify 'BestFit' and let ChartMaker do the rest in order to 'zoom in' on small value differences.
- See Yorigin in the documentation.
Default scale
same data, 'BestFit' scale
Horizontal Spacing
We can now specify a minimum gap in pixels between x-axis divisions in Line and Scatter charts to reduce the number of horizontal divisions for more label space or simply to reduce the number of labels displayed.
- See Xgap in the documentation.
Default spacing

Wide spacing
Independent Trend Lines
Trend lines can now be independently specified for series-specific display. If TrendLine=TRUE|FALSE, then all series are affected. If TrendLine=[list of series numbers], then only the specified series will display a trend line. This means, for example, that we can now draw Upper and Lower aim lines against data series as shown here.
- See TrendLine in the documentation.
Independent trend lines
Draggable Marker Lines
We can now interactively move the vertical and horizontal Marker Lines available in any Line or Scatter chart. This is independent of the general 'Interactive' setting, so our Users can move the horizontal and vertical marker lines with or without access to the popup menu or layout modification.
- See MarkerLineDrag in the documentation.
Draggable marker lines
Line chart 'Smoothing' now auto-fills an incomplete data series. Smoothing with omitted values
Utility Help: Popup help windows now include example graphics and acces to on-line help sheets.
Utility Prefs: We can now choose if the window is opened at its last used location.
The Syntax Guide is now fully indexed with a table of contents.
YtitleAlignment is now included in the Syntax Guide.
Help sheets: A MinMax help sheet is now available in the Resource Center
Help sheets: A Trend and Aim line help sheet is now available in the Resource Center
These issues have been addressed in ChartMaker:
Decimal place display issues for data labels and legend fixed.
Trend lines for series that include negative values now display as expected.
Aim lines no longer display marker points.
Undrawn Aim lines are no longer included in the Legend.
These issues have been addressed in the Utility:
Mousewheel scrolling is now suspended when menus are popped up.
Popup help windows in the Utility now close as expected.
Restoring charts...
- Numeric categories are now sorted numerically as expected.
- Settings identification is now more comprehensive.
The Data Table now remains focused when dragging a scrolling selection.
Data table editing issues addressed.
Cursor is no longer locked after using the right-click context edit menu.
Enabled and disabled choices better reflect supported options.
New Playgrounds
Playground 4.2 - User data entry 2 (Intermediate level)
Explore how you can create charts based on screen data entry.
Playground 7.2 - Max and Min 2 (Intermediate level)
Explore how you can display the same data using optimized or range settings.
Playground 10 - Marker Lines (Entry level)
Explore how you can display horizontal and vertical 'marker pen' lines.
Playground 11 - Trend and Aim Lines (Intermediate level)
Explore how the improved control over trend and aim lines can work for you.


2.1 build 57 ~ maintenance release 'helpful charts'
What's New in this build?
Marker Lines
Vertical and horizontal 'marker pen' lines can now be displayed in any Line or Scatter chart for visual referencing. You can align the marker lines using either absolute positions by number, or relative positions by percentage. They can also be used to indicate an alternative origin.
Additional parameters...
• Color: The default line color is red, but you can independently specify any RGB, colorName or web-hex color to suit your chart.
• Width: The default width is 5px, but you can choose a width 1-7px
• Blend: The default blend level is 70%, but you can specify any blend level between 0 and 100%.
- See MarkerLineH, MarkerLineV, MarkerLineBlend and MarkerLineWidth in the documentation.
'Aim' Lines
You can now display dashed 'aim' or 'goal' lines by specifying the first and last data points. To show both a Trend and an Aim line, ensure the first series has no data gaps and include a second series that includes only the first and last values.
A 'Trend Lines' sample is built into the Utility
- See TrendLine in the documentation.
Utility Syntax window:
You can now include or omit empty parameters in the Syntax window. Helpful to indicate which additional display options are available.


2.1 build 56 ~ maintenance release 'drill-down data'
What's New in this build?
ChartMaker can now retieve the specific details of any bar, column, line or pie slice to support more detailed user-interactivity such as drill-down or drill-up charts, your own look-up information, or any other application you need based on a specific display result.
How do I investigate this feature?
- See Playground 9 in the download for a coded example.
- See CMgetElementData in the documentation.
Bar charts: Sorting by value now works as expected when a specific series is selected by SeriesBinding
Bar charts: Tooltips now display the correct series title when a specific series is selected by SeriesBinding.
Line charts: Tooltips are now implemented for line charts and trend lines.


2.1 build 55 ~ maintenance release 'converting data to information'
What's New in this build?
Added Xformat
ChartMaker can now not only convert and display your Categories in any date-time format of your choice, but also automatically apply any arbitrary increment if needed.
How do I investigate Xformat?
- There is a new 'Category Display' section with an Xformat wizard in the Utility.
- There is a sample chart built into the Utility.
- There are full details in the documentation.

See Xformat in the documentation for details.
Added SetUp preferences
The Utility now refreshes the chart window layered on top.
Legends: Percentages are now only shown for Pie charts.
2D graphics will now display a dropShadow.
The graduated border introduced in build 49 now requires LC4.5 build 1080 or later, otherwise a solid border is applied.
Scrolling the Utility data table now refreshes any changed Cell field values.


2.1 build 49 ~ maintenance release 'fast, intuitive presentations'
Video presentation
'Bevel' is now available as a pie chart style.
'Dome' is now available as a pie chart style.
DropShadows can now be applied to pie, bar and column charts.
Improved x-axis labelling display of smaller grid-based charts.
Improved the border option by applying graduated tints for a more elegant display.
The Utility set-up and position are now retained between sessions.


2.1 build 48 ~ maintenance release 'charts on demand'
'Check for Updates' has been corrected. If you cannot check for updates, please download the current version here. Download current version
Print2PDF now reports 'File may be open' if the given filename is in use.
Line chart data label display has been tweaked to improve presentation.


2.1 build 47 ~ maintenance release 'making your work look great'
Trend Line improvements
The trend information can now be retrieved from any displayed trend line. See CMgetTrendInfo in the documentation for details.
Each trend line now includes a tooltip of the associated trend information.
Trend lines now display as expected when all values are the same.
Null values are now averaged from the other values. If the values cannot be resolved, no trend line is drawn.
Single point trend lines no longer throw an error. They are simply not drawn.
Pie Chart improvements
Pie charts now resolve rounding errors and handle null values.
Color Scheme improvements
Custom color schemes may now be defined in external text files. See ColorScheme in the documentation for details.


2.1 build 46 ~ update 'compelling charts, easily'
What's new in this build?
Scatter charts
A new parameter has been added so you can quickly generate scatter graphs. It supports multiple series and honors any selective data binding you specify. An example is included in the Utility and you can investigate the new Playground included in the download to see how it works.
See Scatter in the documentation.
Trend lines
Linear regression trend lines can now be included in any scatter or line chart. If you have more than one series, each will display its own trend line.
See TrendLine and TrendColor in the documentation.
Trend line information
If you include trend lines in your chart you can optionally show the underlying information, including the r-squared measure of trend line reliability.
See TrendInfo in the documentation.
3-D Drop Shadow
When presentation is important, add a 3-D drop shadow for that 'floating' feeling.
See DropShadow in the documentation.
Quick-Pick Color Names
With over 450 color names to choose from, ChartMaker Utility now displays full color drop-down menus to help you decide which is right.
Custom Color Palettes
ChartMaker Utility displays a color picker palette for the Font, BackFill and GridFill menus. Now you can decide which palette is displayed. Choose from any of the 6 built-in color palettes or create as many of your own as you wish to ensure display consistency.
Color format choice
Do you prefer to work in RGB, web codes or color names? Or all three? The Utility will now automatically format colors to suit you.
Cell Editing
The Utility data table now has a quick checkbox option to select and edit individual table cells with arrow and tab key navigation. Choose your color in the new Preferences.
Alternating Row Color
Sometimes it is easier to work with rows of altenating color in the Utility. This is independent of cell editing, so you can choose either, both or neither at any time using quick checkbox selection. Again, choose your color in the new Preferences.
Disclosure Layout
With so many different choices, the Utility has been redesigned to show only what you actually want to see for each setting section. The result is a more compact display of options that is easier to use.
Chart Restorer
The Chart Restorer quickly re-displays the data and settings for old charts. It is so useful, we have added a quick-access button in the Utility header bar.
New Chart Sample
A new formula chart sample is now included demonstrating quadratic equations.
New Playground 8
Try out and investigate the new Scatter chart, trend lines and 3-D drop shadow features in the new Playground.
What's improved in this build?
The chart size restriction of 100 x 100 for iOS mobile devices has been lifted.
Blended gridFill colors are no longer always converted to RGB.
Mouse wheel scrolling in the Chart Restorer has been added.
Samples can now be modified and saved to your personal archive.
The Utility now handles an empty initial series value when there are no series titles.
Line chart x-axis labelling when xIsNumeric has been improved.


Why upgrade from version 2.0? 'professional charts in LiveCode'
ChartMaker upgraded to version 2.1 with the release of build 45 and the introduction of many new features. The build releases since then have added even more improvements and enhancements, mainly as a result of user requests. If you are still using v2.0, see what you are missing here first. HTM





ChartMaker for LiveCode is Copyright © 2013 The Flexible Learning Company. All rights reserved.